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Understanding the foundation of movement allows for a safe, supportive practice.


The body is of utmost importance for our holistic health as it is here that the mental and spiritual realms reside.


Meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts.


Becoming more aware of the emotions can help us enjoy the world around us.

Ativo Yoga is a modern interpretation of classical Eight-limbed or Hatha-Raja Yoga, deeply rooted in ethical precepts that includes elements of flowing Vinyasa, inversions and held poses that will help you to discover concentration and meditation.

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To continue making yoga accessible to everyone we offer classes online, in-person at our studio (mask required), and outdoors.

It’s a journey which I invite you to join me on today!

Mindful Yoga Class.

Gosia Wojciulewicz
Every Monday and Friday

10:00 AM

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Are you interested in learning more about the effect of trauma on the mind & body?

As a yoga teacher, have you had a students’ trauma triggered during one of your classes? Get the resources and tools you need to act appropriately when this happens.

Meet Gosia

Gosia Wojciulewicz

I’m a strong believer in conscious living which in simple terms means that you’re creating your life consciously rather than drifting along passively.
I can help you reach your full potential, both personally and professionally, by inspiring you to make a positive change, get back to the true you and guide you through the process that is working for you.
My passion is sharing the tools and knowledge I have acquired throughout my life with others who are interested in discovering more about how to lead a happier, healthier and more balanced life.


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Our Yoga Collection is made from Certified Organic Cotton, ensuing strict social and environmental standards.